Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who fixes the sun?

Addie knows that her dad can fix anything. It all started a few months ago when our microwave broke and Sean put in a new one. Adeline watched him and was fascinated that he was fixing the microwave. Every day for the next 2 weeks she would go to the kitchen, point at the microwave and say, "Dada fix microwave!" Now whenever anything breaks she says, "Dada fix. Dada fix _______."

Last week we were playing outside when it started getting dark. Adeline noticed this and she and her dad had this conversation:

Addie: Sun broke?
Sean: Yes, the sun broke.
Addie: Dada fix sun?
Sean: Dada will fix the sun tomorrow.
Addie: Huh?
Sean: Daddy will go to work tomorrow and fix the sun.
Addie: Ah-mmmmmm (her response that either means she agrees, she understands, or yes)

Now every morning Addie and I have a conversation similar to this:

Addie: Dada at work?
Me: Yes, Dad is at work.
Addie: Dada fix sun? (She runs to the window and points to the sky) Sun fixed! Dada go work, fix sun!


Rammell said...

Phaethon (I mean Sean),

I knew you had a God complex, but I had no idea it was this bad.

Sean Conaway said...

I'm not THE God, just A god. . .

Anthony & Kristie said...

That is to funny, Addie is a smart girl. Sean, can you come fix my toaster oven?

Lisa said...

I am jealous that you can be out in the sun right now! That is what is drawing us to Texas!

I am off to see Sean's random thoughts. You two are so interesting to know!