Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Emmy has really started to talk recently.  Most people still won't be able to understand her, but we do.  Here is the list so far:

Shhha (Char... this can also sometimes mean "sister")
Aaah-ee (Addie)
Bah! Bah! Bah!  (Ball)
Bye (bite, whenever she wants to eat something or brush her teeth)
Bah, bye (bye-bye)
Buh-owe (bottle)
Eh-me (mine? Emmy?)
Bay bay (baby)
ni-ni (night-night)
bubow (bubble)
fower (flower)
mauw (mouth)
mmmmm-eh (milk - while pulling at the handle to the fridge)
weh (where)
woh! (wow?)
NO! NO! NO! NO! (complete with head shaking)
esss (yes)
shue-sh (shoe)
sah (sock)
moe (more)
sta sta (stomp stomp)
dah (dog)
ni-ee (nice)
cal (color)
She also makes lots of animal noises.  She barks, meows, chirps/tweets, quacks, and makes monkey noises.

I took lots of pictures in July, but I can't upload them right now because our card reader is broken.  We've spent a good portion of the month doing lots of "Houston" things that we won't be able to do soon.  We went to the zoo, the aquarium, the science museum, the children's museum, and the NASA space center.  NASA was by far the most exciting of our stops, it is definitely worth the trip if you ever make it down to Houston.