Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Adeline and Charlotte were princesses.

Charlotte was a ghost.

Carving pumpkins.  Charlotte wasn't a very big fan of all the goop.

Emerson, on the other hand...

... thought it was delicious.  Yum.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is election day.  Addie's class is having a cookie election.  When I picked her up from school yesterday she showed me her "campaign poster."  She is voting for M&M cookies because: they are crunchy, they have choklat (chocolate), and they are culrful (colorful).  The other choices are chocolate chip cookies, or Oreo cookies.  Today the whole class is voting for the cookie they want and tomorrow they will get to eat the cookie that wins.

On the way home from school we discussed the presidential election.  Addie said it would be good if Obama and Romney could both be president because they both have good ideas.  She also told me that you have to be 35 to run for president, so in 4 years I can be president.  I asked her if she would vote for me and she told me no "because I won't be 18 so I won't be able to vote yet."  Then Charlotte chimed in and said, "but when I turn 18 I'll vote for you mom!"