Monday, June 22, 2015


Tonight at dinner, Emmy announced that she is going to call Nora "June."  Addie and Charlotte decided it would be better to call her "January" since she was born in that month. I've been trying to come up with a nickname for this little one and I'm hoping that this sticks because I think it's cute. Maybe Junebug? 

I have toes!

This little one has discovered her toes; and she likes them almost as much as I like them. 

The Best Part Of Me

Adeline wrote this at the beginning of 3rd grade. It says:

My favorite part of me is my smile. One reason I like my smile is because it is gorgeous. Something else I like about it is that it is vast. This is all about my favorite part of me. 

Knees and toes

Nora got up on her hands and knees today. She's been rolling and scooting everywhere recently, but its not going to be too much longer before she's completely mobile. Guess we need to break out the baby gates.
Of course, just like Emmy, I'm having a hard time catching it on camera. She also loves her toes. Diaper changes are getting to be an adventure because she's either rolling over or eating her toes.