Friday, January 30, 2009

I love this!

This is Addie and Charlotte's favorite thing to do right now. They walk around the house holding hands. Addie will either sing and sort of skip, or she will have a mission for them... they'll go to the "store" (her room), the "library" (Charlotte's room), or the "post office" (the dining room). Charlotte just soaks it up, she loves getting any sort of attention from her sister. I love when they play together.

"Whoa! Slow down, my legs are short!"

"Oh, you fell down? Let me drag you around the room instead."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More conversations with a two year old. . .

Let's file this one under "be careful what you ask for," which is a parenting file that will be forever expanding. April and I, thanks to our friends the Ortizs, managed to sneak away for a date. Upon picking up Addie and Charlotte, the following conversation ensued on the drive home:

Addie: Where are [did] Momma and Dada going [go]?
Me: Mom and Dad had fun tonight on -
Addie: No you didn't! You didn't have fun tonight.
Me: Yes we did. Mom and Dad went on a date. A date is when you go and do something fun with someone you love, like when I take you to the bookstore - that's an Addie Dada date. Dates are fun, huh?
Addie: Yeah.
Me: But, are you ever going to date a boy?
Addie (immediately): No, I'm not gonna date a boy.
(There is silence in the car for the better part of a minute. Little did I knew Addie was contemplating the conversation)
Addie: I'm gonna date TWO boys.

When the chuckling subsided, Addie proceeded to tell us what she did at the Ortizs'. When it came to dinner, she told us about eating a grilled cheese sandwhich (which she pronounces "girl" cheese sandwhich) and produced this great line with much pomp and pride:
"I ate girl [grilled] cheese sandwhiches because I'm a girl!"

Friday, January 9, 2009


Enjoy our new song. We did it because we hate these automatic music players. Grrrr...

Okay, if you missed it, it was a Rick Roll. But even that annoyed me, so I took it down.