Monday, March 10, 2008

Adeline versus the man-eating cake.

Today was Adeline's second birthday. So much has happened since that sleepy morning when I was awakened by a phone call from my wife, at her OB's office at the time, two years ago:
Sean - "mrmph. . . hello?"
April - "I think you're going to be a father today."
Sean - "Well, good morning to you, too!"

There needs to be a HTML end tag for /digression. . . Today we took Addie to play at a Chick-fil-A rumpus area. She climbed and mazed until the point of exhaustion. Then we took her home and gave her a cake. She was very excited about this until we put it aflame and accompanied this sick ritual with some kind of song. Come to think about it, the birthday tradition is a bit macabre.


Anthony & Kristie said...

It was fun to hear the words Addie can say. That video is so cute, it makes me wish we were still in Houston. We miss you guys. If you ever feel like flying up here, you are always welcome.

Holly said...

Hee. I made the hubby watch it so he can get used to the idea of little folk. I don't know which was more entertaining - watching Addie, or seeing his reaction. :D