Monday, March 17, 2008

Eating healthy for less

I'm posting this mainly so that I don't lose the link to this page. Recently I've been thinking about how we can be more healthy. Because of Charlotte's allergies I have had to read labels really carefully. You know what? I don't like what I am reading!

People always complain about how they would eat healthier but it costs so much, so they don't. Our food bill has gone up these last few months because I've been shopping at Whole Foods for dairy/soy free products. These products are pretty much all "convenience" foods - bread, spaghetti sauce, cereal, etc. So now I am on a quest to lower our food bill. Why can't I just make this stuff from scratch? I found a suitable bread recipe that really doesn't take much time at all, I should be able to do this with other items as well.

So here is my new inspiration: The (Organic) Thrifty Food Plan Challenge. I'm setting my budget at $75/week, we have one extra mouth to feed but I am not limiting myself to organic items. I think it will all even out. I'll let you know how it goes!


Lisa said...

I am excited to hear how this goes! My family costs way to much per month to feed. I would love to see some recipes of what actually works for you. It is one thing to read it in a cookbook and another to get it from a real person!

Candace said...

Oh I just saw this link you posted. I'm excited! Have you ever made or ate polenta? I've had it before, but never made it, but I tried this week and we all really liked it. I'll send you the recipe if you want.