Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Going to the Moon

Adeline is so much fun! Within the month or so she has started pretending. She will take her shopping cart and goes to the "library" which is our dining room. The bed in our guestroom is an "airplane" -- several times a day we go on an airplane ride to go visit Grandma. One of the decorative pillows on our bed is "Frank" (Yaya's dog). Daddy often has "invisible cookies" in his pockets. This is probably my favorite pretend game at the moment. Now when she asks for a treat I can give her an invisible cookie instead of dealing with the tantrum that happens when I tell her she can't have one.

Tonight Sean and Addie went to the moon. They put on their space helmets (Addie had a pink plastic bowl and Sean had a metal colander) and flew on our bed to visit the moon and stars. Addie almost fell off the moon, but Sean caught her. I wish I had taken pictures, they were very cute in their space helmets, but I was on my way out the door to a Relief Society meeting. Hopefully they will go again soon.

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Anthony & Kristie said...

That is to funny. Reading your story made me realize I have never tough Parker how to pretend. I tried it yesterday and it was hilarious, I think Parker thought I was crazy. What did Addie do the first time you pretended something?