Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The girls are at such fun ages right now!  Most of the time they are very happy to play with each other and they are always so good to include Emmy.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.... almost a month late.  But my goal is to get at least as many posts as I had last year... so I figure I need a post every other day.  And what fun are posts without pictures?

Friday, November 22, 2013

No Thank You

Emmy is talking a lot more these days.  The last couple days she has been saying "no tank-tu" quite a bit.  But it is clear from her actions that what she really means is "yes please."  Yesterday I asked her if she wanted some milk.  She got a HUGE smile on her face, ran over to the fridge, and yelled "no tank-tu!!!"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our card reader has been broken, so I haven't updated the blog.  So much has changed in the last few months.  We are no longer in Texas.  I was funny to go through the pictures of our last few weeks there because in so many of them the girls were playing in water.  In Texas it is probably still warm enough to go running through the sprinklers.  Here?  We've already had a few snow storms.
We bought a pass that let us go to several of Houston's big attractions.  This was from the zoo.  Brushing the goat's hair.
A couple monkeys hanging with another primate.
This was at Space Center Houston.  Probably the coolest out of all the places we went.  Addie and Charlotte are holding a baby alligator.
I can't figure out how to rotate these pictures after they were uploaded to the blog, so this is what you get for now.
Emmy crossing the wobbly bridge.  She loved it.
Addie was chosen to go up on the mock International Space Station.  This is how they sleep so they don't float off.
Climbing the giant tower of discs at the Children's Museum.
This thing goes up 3 stories!
Love her face!
Gah!  More sideways pictures!!
Superheros at the Children's Museum.
Checking out rocks at the Science Museum.