Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some recent pictures

Addie recently learned how to shimmy up door frames and it is now one of her favorite things to do.

Last weekend, Sean found two turtles in our yard.  Charlotte thought they were great and loved touching their shells.

It is amazing what a couple days will do.  In this post I wrote about how Emmy is getting better at rolling onto her tummy, but that it still requires a lot of effort.  One week later, she can now roll with ease.  

Emmy Eats!

She's been eyeballing our plates for a few weeks now.  Last night I finally gave in to Addie and Charlotte's requests to feed her.  She had applesauce.  

Monday, April 23, 2012


Aside from riding her bike, this is Addie's favorite thing to do right now. The words have turned into phrases and are getting longer and longer. We don't get hung too often because 99% of her phrases involve family members.

"Adeline Conaway loves mom."
"Adeline Conaway plays with Charlotte."
"Adeline Conaway sees the tigre." (The last word is "tiger" but this is how she always spells it)

Tonight her phrase was "Adeline Conaway and Charlotte and mom and dad and Eminem." Just to clarify, Slim Shady does not live in our house. Shortly after Emerson was born, Grandpa gave her the nickname M&M and it has stuck... this was Addie's attempt at sounding it out...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hot Mess

If I had grabbed my camera 10 seconds earlier this would have been a cute picture. Addie and Charlotte were pushing Emmy around in the Bumbo and they were all having a wonderful time. Emmy was giggling and the two older girls thought it was the greatest thing ever that they could show her all of their toys. The SECOND that I touched the camera, Emmy was done with the tour and started crying. I'm not sure what Addie was doing. Charlotte still seems to be having a good time, though!

Emerson at almost 4 months:
  • Prefers to be on her tummy so that she can watch the action.
  • Is pretty good at rolling from her back to her tummy. But it still requires a lot of effort and she gets mad when she accidentally rolls onto her back after working so hard.
  • Is starting to giggle.
  • Tries to grab your food if she's sitting on your lap at dinner.
  • Loves to nap in her swing. She especially likes the blanket that our friend Arwen made for her. When you put it on her in the swing, she snuggles into it and falls promptly to sleep.
  • Loves her sisters! She would much rather be entertained by her sisters than held by mom or dad.
  • Is reading like a champ! At school they have a coconut tree and each student has a coconut with their name on it. As you increase your reading level, your coconut moves higher up the tree. There is one student who is at level 10. Addie and one other girl are one level 6. Everyone else in the class is on 4 or lower.
  • Can now ride a two-wheeled bike without training wheels! This is all she wants to do when she gets home from school.
  • Is such a great big sister and example - both to Emerson and Charlotte. She is always willing to help out when we ask.
  • Is also doing amazingly well at school. Her teacher wants to test her reading at the end of the school year (they usually don't test them in pre-K3) and thinks that she will be reading at a level 3 or 4.
  • We're not sure where this came from, but she is the popular kid in class. She certainly didn't get this from mom or dad. And it is even more surprising because she used to be so shy. Everybody in her class will look at her and wait for her opinion on something before voicing their own.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Emerson - 3 months old

Emmy is such a fun addition to our family! She is such a sweet and easy going baby. Addie and Charlotte love her to bits and are constantly asking to hold her or help change her diaper (although these "helpful" diaper changes take about 5 times as long as if I do it). Emerson loves her sisters as well. There is nothing that she likes better than to lay and watch her sisters play.

She recently learned how to roll over. It is funny because I don't remember the other two actually trying to roll over. I remember that they did it on accident many times before they actually figured out how to do it themselves. Emmy is a bit different. She has been accidentally rolling over from her tummy to her back for a little over a month now, but she prefers to be on her tummy (so she can better see what is going on). About a week ago she started doing a mini sit-up and would roll to her side. You could tell that she was trying so hard to roll. Then Sunday night she managed to roll most of the way but just couldn't get her arm out of the way. Monday morning (April 2nd), as I was changing her diaper, she rolled completely over and she's been doing it every day since!

Addie's Blog

We gave Adeline a camera for her 6th birthday and she has been having so much fun taking pictures. Yesterday we started her very own blog where she can post her favorite pictures. She comes up with the captions for each of the pictures and has even been typing some of the captions herself. Head on over and check it out for yourself!