Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't tell me what I like!

This is a journal from Addie's first grade class.  The journal prompt reads "I like lions because..."

Addie's wrote:
"I do not like lions because they eat other animals for food.  They are mean and they are scary.  Lions are carnivores."

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Emmy!

So this post is very, very late.  On December 28th our sweet baby girl turned one.  It is amazing how fast this year went.  My little baby is turning into a fun toddler.
 She loved us singing to her.
 I was so excited when she tasted the cake.  Neither Addie or Charlotte wanted anything to do with their cake.
 Hmmm, this is pretty tasty...

 The one time in her life when messy face = happy mom.

Emerson at age one:
  • Has 7 teeth (4 top, 3 bottom)
  • Loves animals and gets super excited when she sees the cats or dog.
  • Is a champion eater.  She'll eat just about anything you put in front of her.  Bananas and frozen peas are her favorites.
  • Loves to snuggle with blankets.
  • Hates having her diaper changed.  She's a girl on the go and has better things to do than lay around for the 10 seconds it takes to change her.