Friday, May 9, 2008

Yeah, we're tree huggers . . .

Well, now that all that travel nonsense is done with, we can finally get back to the pictures. It was such a beautiful evening we had to brave the mosquitoes and spend some time outside. Sean was teaching Addie the different parts of plants. She really liked the bark, so she gave it a hug.

Charlotte can't quite hug trees yet, she was content to sit on the grass and watch. Or maybe she was laughing at us, I'm not sure.

Although I do like trees, I do not like the bugs that come with Houston vegetation. I think I'll stick with hugging people.


Anthony & Kristie said...

The weather in Houston looks so nice. It keeps getting warm for a day or two then gets cold again, right now we are missing the Houston weather.

Anonymous said...

I do not miss those fire ants..