Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our summer plans

Well folks, the results are in. Pending Frontier Airlines is still in business, we will be traveling by plane this summer. I was actually very surprised at how close the voting was. 15 votes for road trip, 20 votes for air. It came down to a few factors:

1 - It will be less expensive to fly.
2 - The girls probably won't remember this trip.
3 - We would rather spend the time visiting our family than in the car.
4 - I refuse to drive that far.

Never fear, road-trip-junkies, we will be taking a road trip this summer it will just be smaller. We haven't decided where we are going yet. We (and by we I mean myself) would like to keep the drive time at or below 6 hours each way. We're thinking maybe New Orleans or possibly camping. Any suggestions from the roadies out there?


Cathy said...

Glad you are flying. We could fuel your plane with all the hot air GWB has spouted in the past 7 years and you could fly round the world for free. I'm all for Sean riding his bike; he can leave now and maybe get back to Houston by Christmas. In the meantime, April and the girls can board the plane and spend the summer touring the Western United States while Sean spins his way up North. Good decision. Of course, since I have gone "anti-son" on this matter, I will, no doubt, be put in my place. That's okay, I'll sic Meghan on him.

Anonymous said...

South Padre Island!! :)