Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Road Trip Results, etc.

Alex, before I begin, can you put your tinfoil hat in the corner over there, please?

Now that matter is settled. Yes - I'm not a fan of guzzling gas. God knows I've been riding my bike to work in an effort to be a responsible person. I think that Americans need not be car-less, but car-wise. If you live five miles from your work (as 80% of Americans do), there is no need that you hop in your car and drive there. Everyone should have a bike. Our next president should make that a priority - to sponsor legislation that would improve bicycle friendly infrastructures.

A couple people have commented that I should bike tour to Montana. Nothing would make me happier. Now, if you think that convincing April to DRIVE to Montana would be hard, convincing her to BIKE there is going to be like trying to swallow a super-nova. April's idea of "camping" is a motel surrounded by some trees in some kind of proximity to a dirty road. Biking would be my first option, followed by car, followed by airplane. Anyway, everyone knows that the effects of the chemicals added to jet fuel and dispersed in contrails to control the masses is much more severe at high altitudes - that's why traveling business men are like they are - call them the prototype of the cyborg army that will be launched by the Illuminati in the next few years.


Serial Mommy said...

you forgot the results...what are they? are you flying or driving? huh huh huh? the enquiring minds of blog stalkers everywhere (like me and patty) wanna know!

Anonymous said...

Remember what you have paid for this advice before you make your decision. First the only things you will see will be in the dark. And that is because you will have to stop so many times during the day you will make no progress. You will save money though because you will not be staying in a hotel because you will come to the conclusion that in order to get out of the state of Texas before the year 2009 you will have to drive at night. You also must remember that the kids will not retain any of this journey which may be a good thing. Because when you are sleep deprived (and you will be). You may want to beat the kids but you never ever would. You may think (and might even do if things get loud enough in such a small car) about beating the person who's idea this was. At which time if you did it's OK because the kids will not be harmed by these awfull memories. Maybe you should save the road trip for when Frontier goes out of business and your forced to drive. Just a thought.