Saturday, May 17, 2008


It's been a while since someone has put anything here. Our house has been bustling: the girls, for reasons unknown, have gone on strike against sleeping; visitors have been coming and going; Sean has been preparing for the end of the school year and his new job; and there's always the Burmese yak in our backyard and her crazy antics. In spite of this full schedule, we spent some family time tonight at the Fun Plex bowling lanes. Sean actually broke 100 (113 to be exact), and Addie beat out April.

***A little additional information from April...

The bowling alley is in the middle of some renovations. They are installing bumpers that can pop up and down. We got to play on one of the new lanes. This meant that, unlike last time, Addie got bumpers but Sean and I did not. The official scores were: Sean 113, Adeline 96, April 50. Please don't laugh at my form, it was the only way I could knock over any pins. On the plus side, it didn't matter if I knocked down five pins or zero pins, Addie would always clap and say, "Yay Mama!!"

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