Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Addie!

Take a look at our sidebar. It is hard to believe that the little girl in the swing is now 3 years old. It is even more amazing to look back and see how much she has grown in this past year. The other day I was looking at old posts and watched this video of her birthday last year. It is hard to remember her talking like that. She can now carry on complete conversations and is MUCH easier to understand. But she still didn't like the singing this year. I'll add some pictures to this post tomorrow, they are still downloading off the card and it is time for bed.


Anthony and Kristie said...

Happy b-day Addie.

Holly said...

My goodness, she's grown! ::blink:: Wow. That's the one main reason I'm hesitant to have kids. They grow up so darn fast!