Tuesday, February 3, 2009


1. I like to floss. I think my teeth look better after I floss.
2. I've always wanted to be a dentist. But I think I will be a hygienist instead so I can work part time and be home with my girls more.

3. I have a love hate relationship with cooking.
4. I like to cook elaborate meals, but I hate making a mess.
5. So instead, I like to cook one dish meals that are super fast.
6. Actually, let me change that... I don't like to cook them, that's just what I end up doing.
7. I love going to school.
8. But sometimes I feel guilty about taking time to myself.
9. I feel like I should want to stay home.
10. But I feel like I am a better mom when I am gone a few times a week.
11. I hate to fold laundry.
12. I hate putting away the folded laundry even more.
13. I love to vacuum.
14. I especially like to vacuum with bagless vacuums because I like to see all the dirt it picks up.
15. I think eyeballs look creepy.

16. I like feet.
17. I don't like the middle of Oreos.
18. My dad has two tatoos. Once, when I was little, I asked him why he got them. He told me that someone snuck into his house in the middle of the night and tatooed him. I was so scared that I was going to wake up one morning with tatoos.
19. I love to read blogs.
20. I wish I updated my blog more often so that I have it to read later.
21. But I don't because I worry about boring my readers.
22. I'm sure you're probably bored right now.
23. I don't like scary movies.
24. Sean has to set his alarm for a palindrome.
25. I have to do it now, too.
26. I don't water plants.
27. I feel bad about this.
28. I didn't like the song "Frosty the Snowman" when I was little because I felt bad that he melted.
29. I am super competitive.
30. I am even competitive with myself.
31. I want to be instantly good at whatever I try or I don't really want to do it anymore.
32. I am pariod about being on time.
33. I always like to arrive 15 minutes early.
34. Sean thinks this is weird.
35. He calls it "April Time"
36. Sometimes when I tell him the time he will ask me, "Is that real time or April Time?"
37. I like to snooze. Before I got married I would sometimes snooze for an hour. Sean broke me of that habit, now I usually only hit the button twice.
38. I am so glad that I have two girls.
39. I am even more glad that they seem to be becoming friends.
40. I always wanted a sister.
41. I would have preferred an older sister, but I would have enjoyed a younger sister as well.
42. I also wanted an older brother.
43. But I am glad I have two younger brothers and wouldn't trade them for sister or an older brother.
44. I'm cheap. I have a hard time buying any clothes for me that cost more than $10.
45. I like to plan things.
46. I love to use ellipses...
47. But it drives Sean crazy...
48. But sometimes I do it anyway...
49. Because I just can't help it...
50. For the longest time I didn't want to grow any taller because I liked that song, "Five foot two, eyes of blue, but oh what those five feet can do, has anyone seen my gal"
51. But once I hit 5'3" I wanted to be taller because I no longer fit the song.
52. Now I would like to be 5'5" or 5'7"
53. But not 5'6"
54. My favorite word is apoptosis.
55. When I was little I didn't like odd numbers.

56. I don't like swimming.
57. When I was little I loved swimming, but my mom hated it.
58. I thought she was weird.
59. My mom is my greatest role model... I want to be just like her when I grow up...
60. I hope my daughters feel that Way about me someday.
61. I never wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up... for some reason I think that is weird, eventhough I'm sure there are lots of people who never wanted to be doctors.
62. I still don't want to be a doctor...
63. But I think going to medical school would be fun.
64. If I had an unlimited bank account and didn't have to ever worry about money, I would probably spend the rest of my life in school.
65. First I would go to dental school, then cosmetology school, the medical school...
66. I might be finished after that...
67. Nevermind, I would also go to chiropractic school... I think I would go there before medical school.
68. I probably wouldn't get a deree in any of these fields - taking boards would be too stressful. I would just go to learn for fun.
69. In 10th grade I dissected a frog. I couldn't eat macaroni and cheese for years after that because I thought it looked like the fat in the frog.

70. I have kissed the Stanley Cup. I snuck into a party when the Avalanche won their second Cup.
71. I'm jealous of my brother because he has no debt. I think he is one of the most considerate people I know. It amazes me how thoughtful and caring he is about everyone and everything. I wish he was more confidant and realized how awesome he is.
72. My other brother is a little crazy...
73. I am envious at how social he is - I think that is a great asset in life and can often get your further than any degree. He is also super artistic and creative.
74. I think my dad is the nicest person I know.
75. I was a waitress for a few years and now very rarely will tip less than 20%.
76. I miss Nebraska.
77. Sometimes I call it Ber-Naska... I'm not sure why.
78. I hope that my girls will have to share a bedroom at some point in their childhood.
79. I think sharing rooms is good for kids.
80. I remember enjoying sharing a room with my brother.
81. I wonder if my mom remembers it as fondly?
82. I wonder if my brother does?

83. I think probably the best part about sharing a room is bunkbeds.
84. I don't know how any biologist could not believe in God - our bodies are so amazingly complex there is no way it could all happen due to chance.
85. I don't like this keyboard.
86. I do believe in evolution, I don't know how you couldn't. But believe God helps direct it.
87. I need a lot of sleep.
88. Nine hours a night would be perfect.
89. I think I need this much because I force myself to sleep very lightly so that I will wake up if I hear the girls.
90. It drives me crazy when people can't seem to park between the lines and take up two spaces.
91. It also drives me crazy when people don't pull over for sirens.
92. I wish I used our camcorder more often.
93. I really like the way my cursive looks (I wrote this whole list by hand first) - I wish you could see it, it is beautiful.
94. I am extremely shy.
95. I worry that my girls will be shy as well.
96. I wish I lived closer to family.
97. I am a chronic project starter. I always have grand plans for big projects, but they never seem to get finished before I start another project.

98. I know how to drive a scooter.
99. That doesn't sound as impressive as I think it is.
100. How about this? I know how to drive an automatic motorcycle. That is pretty much what it is, a motorcycle without a clutch.
101. I always wear a helmet.


Christina said...

That was really fun to read--I feel like I know so much about you now! :) I'm so jealous you kissed the stanley cup. I got to get a picture next to it once but that was it.

Josh, Brooke & Houston said...

You make me laugh! I'm glad I'm not the only one with their own time. Before Josh and I got married I would set my clock early, just so I could hit the snooze button a few times. By the way, what's wrong with 5'6? :)

April said...

LOL! There really isn't anything wrong with 5'6" but if you look at#55 you'll see that I used to dislike odd numbers. Well, now I don't care for even numbers. Not only is 6 an even number, but it falls directly inbetween 5' and 6' so it is just too even for me.

Anthony and Kristie said...

I agree with many of your opinions, especially vacuuming with a bag less vacuum. It is priceless, I just feel like I accomplished so much seeing all that dirt in the container.

Holly said...

Your dad has tattoos? Really? YOUR dad? I agree that he's possibly one of the nicest people I've ever met. My father-in-law reminds me of him sometimes.

I like your list. :) Maybe when I finish wading through all the dusty, musty, spidery stuff we finally brought home from California, I'll make one...

proudmamablogga said...

I never knew we were so much alike. Very fun to read.

Anonymous said...

Pee-Oh-Tee-Aye-Tee-Oh: Potato.