Saturday, January 10, 2009

More conversations with a two year old. . .

Let's file this one under "be careful what you ask for," which is a parenting file that will be forever expanding. April and I, thanks to our friends the Ortizs, managed to sneak away for a date. Upon picking up Addie and Charlotte, the following conversation ensued on the drive home:

Addie: Where are [did] Momma and Dada going [go]?
Me: Mom and Dad had fun tonight on -
Addie: No you didn't! You didn't have fun tonight.
Me: Yes we did. Mom and Dad went on a date. A date is when you go and do something fun with someone you love, like when I take you to the bookstore - that's an Addie Dada date. Dates are fun, huh?
Addie: Yeah.
Me: But, are you ever going to date a boy?
Addie (immediately): No, I'm not gonna date a boy.
(There is silence in the car for the better part of a minute. Little did I knew Addie was contemplating the conversation)
Addie: I'm gonna date TWO boys.

When the chuckling subsided, Addie proceeded to tell us what she did at the Ortizs'. When it came to dinner, she told us about eating a grilled cheese sandwhich (which she pronounces "girl" cheese sandwhich) and produced this great line with much pomp and pride:
"I ate girl [grilled] cheese sandwhiches because I'm a girl!"

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