Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Charlotte's Favorite Things

I love when they play together. Here Addie is helping Charlotte with two of her favorite things:
1. Pulling items out of a basket.
2. Climbing into a small space.

Besides making messes and climbing, Charlotte enjoys wearing shoes. Nearly every day she will find a shoe and bring it to me - then she whines until I put it on her. Here she is modeling one of her sisters shoes. She was so proud! Of course, the shoe was too big for her and it fell off somewhere around the house. Now Addie is missing one brown shoe.


Sophia & Cameron said...

cute! Cameron has just become interested in trying on shoes, trouble is they are our shoes so they are WAY too big. Addie is such a cute big sister. I always love seeing pictures of those two together.

Holly said...

How adorable! Not that there's ever really anything else to say about your girls. :) But seriously, tell them to quit it. They continue to make me want kidlets of my own, and I need to lose 60+ pounds first. :(