Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Fun

A few days ago the playgroup from our church took a trip up north to a place called the Oil Ranch. I was a little nervous because a lot of the activities at the ranch involve farm animals. The last time Addie was around animals like this was at the rodeo and she was terrified. But, we don't get many opportunites to get out in the country, so I decided to risk it.

First up was the hayride to feed the cows. Addie wasn't too thrilled, she wanted to sit on my lap the entire time, but it did go better than I was expecting. The cows put their heads right into the wagon and would eat out of your hand... we just threw our food onto the hay and let them eat it from there. Considering the cows got within two feet of Addie, I am very proud to say there was no screaming involved.

After the cows we went to a hay-maze. Much less frightening.

Next we had a picnic lunch. Charlotte was so tired from the cow excitement that she almost fell asleep on the grass.

After lunch we rode on the train. This was Addie's favorite part of the trip.

After the train ride we headed off to the petting zoo and pony rides. This was the only interesting picture I got at the petting zoo. Charlotte was zonked out in her stroller and Addie wanted nothing to do with the animals. But they did have this chicken which I thought was really funny looking.

Out of everything that day, I was most surprised by Adeline's reaction to the ponies. She doesn't even like the 25 cent mechanical horses in supermarkets, so I was completely shocked when she rode the horse! She was a little nervous at the beginning, I had to hold her hand the first time. But after she was done she actually wanted to go again! These pictures are from round #2 when she was comfortable enough to ride without me.

Then we tried to put Charlotte on a horse. Not to ride, just to get a picture. But she wanted nothing to do with it.

Here we are at the end of the day. Charlotte is half naked because we had snow-cones and she enjoyed hers a little too much.


Candace said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I hadn't heard of it.

Holly said...

Love the pics! Sounds like fun. :)

Lisa said...

Texas looks so great! I would love to eat sno cones while visiting a pumpkin patch! This week we all had on hats and gloves!

Holly said...

That chicken gets funnier every time I see it...