Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike is supposed to make landfall late tomorrow night. Thankfully we are pretty prepared. We are not in the evacuation area and after hearing horror stories about people being stuck in traffic for 14 hours trying to get to Austin (normally a 3 hour drive), we have decided to stay put. We have plenty of food and water to last about a week. The only thing we are worried about is losing electricity. Several days in Houston in an unairconditioned house could make for a very grumpy family. Later this afternoon I'm going to the store to pick up some fun games and activities to do while we are stuck inside. Hmmmm, I wonder what Sean would think about repainting the living room this weekend?

One of the things they advise you to do is fill up your gas tank. If you live in a hurricane prone area you are actually supposed to keep your tank at least half full. Even if you don't evacuate it will often take days before gas stations have any gas because the trucks can't get into town. I'm not very good at doing this. With gas prices being so high and having to deal with two kids in the car I try to put off this chore as long as possible... sometimes I wait a little too long.

Well, with the hurricane coming of course my tank is almost empty. So I ventured out this morning to fill the tank. I passed a station and the lines were HUGE. I found another station that was virtually empty, I was so excited and was feeling a big smug that I wasn't going to have to wait in line. Nope, no luck for me, they were out of gas already. So I waited in line for 30 minutes like everyone else. But now our tank is filled and we're ready.

On another note... Some of our family members have been complaining about cold weather and a few of them have even had their first snowfalls. Doesn't this look like it should be bringing some nice cold air and maybe some snow? Nope, the only thing it has for us is wind, rain, and probably more humidity.

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Anthony and Kristie said...

After hearing about Ike, I can't stop thinking how glad I am that I am not in Houston. Hurricane Rita was enough hurricanes for me to experience in a life time. We will keep you guys in our prayers.