Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last week Addie found her pumpkin from last Halloween and carried it around for about 3 days. I started thinking about Halloween costumes for the girls. Charlotte will probably be walking by then, so I think it would be cute to coordinate them. Addie is a big Dora fan, so I am thinking about maybe having them be Dora and Boots. I thought Addie would like this idea so I ran it past her.

Me - Addie, do you remember Halloween last year? Do you remember knocking on doors and saying Trick-or-Treat?

Addie - Hmmmmm...

Me - Halloween is a special time when you dress up. You knock on people's doors and say Trick-or-Treat, and then they give you treats.

Addie - Yeah! Knock on doors and get treats!

Me - Do you want to be Dora for Halloween?

Addie - Hmmm... no, I want to be Addie.

At least her costume will be easy.

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