Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Char-Char's new trick

I can't believe she is doing this, it doesn't seem like she should be this old yet! Although she can only sit for about 60 seconds, it really is amazing that she can sit at all with Addie constantly tackling her. Addie thinks it is hilarious to give Charlotte a hug and make her fall over (Charlotte thinks it is pretty funny as well).

Adeline teaching Charlotte how to sit. Excuse the mess, it is laundry day. I'm bummed that this is the best picture I got of Addie hugging Char, it really was super cute to watch them.
Another hug/clobber picture.
"Bye guys! That's all I have for today!"


Anthony & Kristie said...

Second kids sure do have to be tough. Isn't if fun to see the two of them already enjoying each other?

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

It is a good thing babies are so tough. It is exciting that Char is working on sitting

Lisa said...

I am glad to see that other people have piles everywhere on laundry day as well! I am always embarassed of the condition of my house if anyone ever stops by on laundry day.