Monday, February 25, 2008

Adeline is 2

Well, not really. But we had her party early so that our family could come. She ended up getting sick right before everyone showed up, but she had a pretty good time anyway. She loves trains so we had a train theme. The cake:Eating a cupcake. I was a little disappointed - I was hoping that she would make a big mess and I would get the cake pictures that I missed last year. But she didn't want to eat the train.
Opening presents:
Yay! I got markers! Just wait until Mom's not looking and we'll see if I still color on the paper...

She loves her new bike!


Anthony & Kristie said...

Good job on the cake April. Addie looks so cute with her hair up in bows. Parker saw the picture and wants to come ride bikes with her.

Candace said...

Garrett's right behind Parker! That's such a cute bike! I think we're going to get Garrett a bike for his birthday too. The cake looks good too!